An Association Board of Directors has the responsibility of protecting the common interests of the Association and making sure the community is meeting the needs and concerns of its members. Collecting dues, sharing news and information among members, and maintaining property to keep it looking its best and enhance its value.

Financial - We provide assistance to the Board of Directors in the financial management responsibilities including the following:

  • Assistance in the association budget preparation
  • Proactive planning for operating and reserve expenses
  • Setting association assessment levels
  • Collection of monthly fees and assessments
  • Maintaining records of all receipts and expenses

On-site Inspections - Our community managers will conduct regular property inspections and will provide detailed reports to the Board of Directors of items noted or action needed. We will assist with maintaining and repairing all common property, employing contractors as needed to protect the investment and enhance the value of each property owner.

Meetings - We will attend the association boards regular meetings and annual meeting to discuss and make recommendations on a variety of business matters including the ordering of maintenance, financials, budgets, insurance needs and regulatory issues as needed.