Definition of Covenants

A restrictive covenant is a type of real covenant, a legal obligation imposed in a deed by the seller upon the buyer of real estate to do or not to do something. Such restrictions frequently "run with the land" and are enforceable on subsequent buyers of the property. In jurisdictions that use the Torrens system of land registration, restrictive covenants are generally registered against title.

Benifits of Residential covenants

Residential covenants are relatively common in the United States. Some residential covenants may be considered generally benign, such as those preventing owners or tenants from removing healthy trees, fundamentally altering historically important structures, or directly harming property values. Others, however, are more detailed. Some restrictive covenants may govern what color a home's exterior is painted, what and how many exterior decorations are allowed, where cars are allowed to be parked. Thus keeping the property looking great and property values high. 

Fox Meadow Covenants